A Season in Another World

--Matt Duggan


What is it

Poetry chapbook (5.5" x 8.5")


  • 60# glossy cover stock
  • 24# natural white linen stock
  • Perfect bound glue assembly
  • Limited Edition: Thai bamboo leaf insert & wrap


Travel narratives and experimental poetry executed with vivid grace.


A Season in Another World by Matt Duggan is a fascinating collection of twenty-one poems that transcend their words taking us on a staggering journey to another world. Matt´s poems are suspended in any and every time. The title of this collection already points to Duggan’s many and widespread influences: Rimbaud’s extended prose poem “A season in hell”. Yet Matt’s hell sparks with heavenly moments, not everything is doomed or fatalistic. His poems move the readers to experience far more than what is on the page. 

—María Castro Domínguez,

author of A face in the crowd