Our Beginning

Thirty West was founded as a concept in November of 2015, utilized in tandem with Dale's first work The Being That Ensues From What Cannot Be Explained. Essentially, a final class project transformed into an elementary business model. Since then, Thirty West has been growing from the inside out on Facebook, using previous connections through Instagram and in person to establish an audience. Now, as of December 2016, Thirty West is on the cusp of legitimacy; reaching out to connect with like-minded professionals. Now registered on BowkerLink, Duotrope, and more, the press is inching toward 501(c) status of non-profit organization, aiming to deliver hand-made chapbooks and broadsides in small batches, while simultaneously fostering a community of artists. As we expand from concept, to ultimately a fully established publishing house, we dedicate our foundation with intellectual honesty, transparent company policy, a code of ethics, and, most important our of all, trust. We are aware of negative connotation such as 'vanity presses' or 'pay-to-play' tactics, and to be frank, we only boast moral integrity. Here, the hand-crafted process makes each and every project as personal to us, as to the author whom penned the work. Plant a seed and watch the blossoming of your creative art in due time. We are growing alongside you, our fellow professionals, dedicated customers, friends.

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Our Philosophy & Publishing Process

"Providing our literary artists with superb customer service while simultaneously nurturing artistic community and mastery."
Thirty West is dedicated in providing an outlet for artists of exquisite caliber and those who have the passion to develop their discipline to the best of their ability. Solidifying our product in hand-made chapbooks, we also offer single-sided broadside prints and direct-to-site promotion of published texts and artwork.


The whirlpool. An interactive experience performed in-person or online, we devise a unique rationale that represents the work, and essentially, yourself.

Design & Edit

The trial. Utilizing trade-perfected designers and editors, we will complete your manuscript until your ends no longer fray.


The espousal. Delivery of craftsman quality product and precision straight from the press, right to your door. A closing interview is encouraged.

Get Connected

Thirty West is not solely about publishing. We aspire to captivate fellow creatives with "The Weekly Degree", our weekly guest column. Our poetry reading series, "Thirty West Presents", hosts local and travelling poets. Stay in-touch so you don't miss our live-streaming for the readings and other demos/events!

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