Akachi Obijiaku: 3 Poems


You don’t know what pain feels like when you’re well

You cannot imagine what loss evokes when you still have


Empathy tries to imagine

She tries to make us relate


But we are only mimickers

We cry when others cry hard enough


We laugh when another laughs loud enough

And when empathy tells us to be silent

We are silent

But we don’t still know what it’s like to be in one else’s shoes

To remember what his child’s last heartbeat felt like


To cringe when she was told to sit at the back of the bus

We try to understand, we do

But we don’t

That Autumn Smell


That autumn smell makes me love life

Mixed with leftover street cigar scents

And a shy winter trying to creep in


That Autumn smell makes me want to be adventurous

Spontaneous runs in the park beside tall handsome strangers

Late night treks to the picturehouse all by myself


That autumn smell washes away the homesickness

Giving me a re-awakened sense of valiance

Ready to construct some new beginnings


That autumn smell holds me to account

Reminds me that I have no reason to fail

No reason to fear, and no reason to fade

 The Pastor’s Son Is In Town

The pastor’s son is in town!

Make sure you comb your hair well


Take a deep shower and keep clean

Eat before you get to the church - look healthy


The pastor’s son is in town!

Be cheerful and be on time

Don’t let me down

And make sure you give him your number

Akachi Obijiaku is a Nigerian poet. She emigrated to England 5 years ago, and started writing poetry last year. Her poems appear in over 10 journals.  

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