Nick Sweeney: No Ball Games-Photos

We are pleased to run yet another photo gallery for you all on this week's The Weekly Degree. Below are 10 photos on the theme of "restriction".

Abstract: Some of us travel to find things to amuse and entertain us. They're very often the same things we'd do at home, so why don't we just stay at home and do them? The prompt for this series of photos came with the idea that if you'd traveled to do these very things in these places, you'd be terribly disappointed. Why not travel in future in search of things to NOT do?


Nick Sweeney’s stories and photos are scattered around the web and in print. Laikonik Express, his novel about friendship, Poland, vodka, snow and getting the train for the hell of it, was published by UK independent publisher Unthank Books in 2011. He is a freelance writer and musician, and lives in London. 

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