Tianna G. Hansen: 3 poems


last night my bones became brittle,

obsequious to your every desire...


I felt them tremble within, a

vibrating skeleton of pearls.


watch me glimmer for you,

contort into



you want

me to be,



skeletal shape

I am perceived

in your eyes


nothing but



scorched black

from rising heat of the fire

that darkened soot lingering


fingers of flame devoured my flesh

all that remains are these delicate

bones, becoming power with a single

touch – dust to dance away

with      the      wind.

to the leering

feasting on me, my body

is mine; belongs to no one else


no matter how you mar it,

stinging teeth & foaming maw,

I will burn you from existence

and dance through your ashes.


I will destroy all you claim

to create from my bitter bones,

drown you in holy waters

shimmering always like oil

slicks across the surface.


clutching keys between fingers

like claws, ready to strike

ready to draw blood,

taste of iron in my throat.


take those eyes off me.

offer me your disgrace

wrapped in tender plastic.


I will capture in gloved hands

your suffocating breath

as you shudder beneath,

my heels lodged deep

in your jugular vein.


let the whims of men

bleed out and the glory

of women, of what we can

create, what we hold true

in our tight wombs, stand as

goddesses. each and every

one of us, we are regal.


lay prostrate and worship us,

beg forgiveness for eons of sin.

your lifeblood on our hands

lends strength and power –


a grip on this Hell that you

have created; Persephone’s

liberating haven presents

pomegranate seeds of hope

only to destroy the buds

in deathly poison grip.

becoming Calypso

Adrift, I am unanchored from

the shores of my discovery, a buoy

floating through uncharted waters

fathoms of sea sprawling beneath.


Become one with the ocean,

worshipped over candlelit myth;

a goddess rising on waves to

overtake sailors’ ships

towering above

with scaled, perfect flesh


I am a dragon abreast,

breathing smoke and brine.


Come find me in the night
blindfolded by darkness

I am the nymph queen, capturing you
in spells. Never to be tamed
or caged.

I'll turn your black heart to coral stone
steal it from the cavern above your lungs
lock it in a chest—beating, beating

Embrace me,

stretch this skin until
it hugs my bones
a gown of seaweed
tentacles entwined

No mistress or maiden
I am goddess.

Tianna G. Hansen has been writing her whole life and focuses much of her work on personal experience. She founded and works as Editor-in-Chief of Rhythm & Bones Press which specializes in the idea of turning trauma into art. A poetess, novelist, memoirist, creative nonfiction and flash fiction writer, her work has been published widely – find it at CreativeTianna.com, follow her on Twitter @tiannag92 / Instagram @tgghansen24. Check out her press at RhythmNBone.com / Twitter @RhythmBonesLit / IG @RhythmBonesPress. Her first collection is coming this year from APEP Publications.

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