Brenna Webb: 1 Poem

I wish this was more VULGAR: an entry

because it’s fall

Because I am writing this from the fire escape cleverly named PORCH

A (shit) rolled cigarette hanging from my never closed mouth breather lips

And I feel like sticking a needle with ink under my lip, let the ink bleed CUNT,

it’s fall and I just ashed on my keyboard and I think I have had water in my left ear for a month I can’t hear and I fucked a guy this weekend who mentioned after he is in an OPEN RELATIONSHIP and I am his thing in New York City but I smiled and ate a bagel with him the next morning, daydreaming about the ways I’d murder him then write a letter to his Free Spirit Blonde that says don’t be boring, don’t be a manic pixie dream girl, don’t tell anyone your secrets, just dance and sweat and wait for the cold to keep your little frame inside…

It’s fall stop googling boob jobs like tits are the answer to your mommy issues

I have had to edit this to insert the endings to my sentences because my mind runs too fast for my fingers when the leaves fall, so does my composure

I have ash on my velvet shorts that I want to duck tape to my hips because I keep letting them fall for people who don’t ask to read my writing but maybe that’s because I never shut the fuck up…

                                    but I don’t want to wonder what would happen if I ever did, because I won’t and maybe don’t need to

And if you’ve finished this I am sorry the autumn is my season for please leave a message after the beep if I call you back

Maybe this is the start of a journal a blog a romantic novel with myself: a chronology of a new vibrator, anything to keep momentum when I am so



as empty as the mascara I dip under the faucet to avoid walking to Walgreens for replenishing bored bored won’t leave bed because I hate it all

It’s fall in New York City I am almost twenty five

untethered and officially can’t keep up with the pieces of me flapping around different windowsills but why does October seduce me this way

if I call you back I’ll probably say sorry

Brenna Webb is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Her work has previously been featured with Basement Poetry in the Spring 2017 production of HER. Other published works can be found published in The Laconic. Brenna wrote and directed her first short film, "SIN LADY" with Mr. Mister Productions, scheduled for a Spring 2019 release. She currently lives in New York City where she studies English-Literature and Film Studies at Columbia University.

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