C.C. Hannett: 1 Poem


Our friendly sycamore

Zests The curbside

Imprints leaf-loss


Like the Challenger

Briefly stained the air with its breakages

Sparklers are cool Ampersand burn

Next to hopscotch



Vulnerable travelers; snails—

Who are we kidding?

There is no shield, no barrier thick

Enough to withstand

Our oblivious and merciless boot

If we’re not careful, all poems become tree poems

Lumbered epix If we’re not careful,

All poems

Become bird poems

Without an ornithologist to preserve

The integrity of the feeling

Or apply medallions to the correct

Elements to make

Our melancholy sing epix

You should never give away yr meaning

Of drawn metaphor

Though, you may suggest

Reference material


For punching


Kris Hall / C. C. Hannett / kmwgh is a writer who feels queasy when he identifies himself as a writer. Or anything, really. Author of I Gave This Dream to a Color, Triune, and SAGA ctrl (Spuyten Duyvil) + a number of chapbooks. He is the event organizer for Quake: An Everett Lit Crawl and Poetry: Uncharted. Currently, he is the Managing Editor for Really Serious Literature (@rlysrslit) and their Disappearing Chapbook Series. Work has been placed with Softblow, DREGINALD, Gramma, Juked, etc. He currently lives with his wife and three animals somewhere in the PNW and/or behind you.

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