Vaishali Paliwal: Humanity and its choices today

We are a restless generation.

We were born with access to so many worlds. Our options bloomed in every direction. One click on a hand-carrying machine took us to multitude of possibilities; things we could do, places we could go, people, we could meet. Our dreams were served to us instantly. With so many permutations and combinations in our skies, the rulebook dissolved. We could do anything. What an immense spectrum of freedom and innovation continued to be strengthened by our further breakthrough technologies! Our power was also our resources.
We were browsing, researching, and always looking for the next best thing to take up to curb our curiosity for life. We sought to find the answers baffling humanity for generations and to live like we found was the way to live in these digital investigations. And what a beautiful chase it has been. This generation ran past those archaic boundaries.

Our quiet moments are few as we are on-the-go. Moments of raw enlightenment are rare. Moments of human connection amidst these great technologies perhaps even rarer. Our compulsiveness and cravings are abundant. It drives us for these expeditions. Soon, dear readers, we realize we are just running blindly into madness. We are expecting this next summit to bring content to our lives as we thought it would. However, with each peak we traverse, another becomes visible; a tribute to ego gratification. We stop and wonder who did we start climbing for in the first place. There is a thin line between the path of self-search and addictions. We learn this slowly leaving a sour taste in our mouths.

But this is not an essay of fault finding. Perhaps, we are evolving into another species, rich with digital resources and entering a fading realm of what peace and love once brought us; an apathetic species. Perhaps, even our art evolves is the product of connection with our technology, not our souls. Perhaps, love and respect in this new world are rated by the number of likes and follows in social media. Perhaps, humans are machines we so long predicted and are slowly entering the phase of singularity... How we connect with ourselves and world around us has been transforming on a very rapid basis. With our indulgence, we have already stepped into this new life. And who is to say how this will all work out. After all our prehistoric ancestors, could never imagine us and our lives today.

And we are still here.

We will survive. Between further miracles of science and will of humans, we will survive and very likely thrive. But with one crimson sunset over our glass sky, while we get disrupted for a second by an error in our web of wires, we will remember the spark. The same spark that drove our prehistoric ancestors to draw their visions in the caves for the first time. The same spark which sets humanity apart from other species; our creative marvels, our grand success in spectacular inventions, our sense of connectedness to our magnificent universe, all birthed by this human spark. We will remember then that we are humans with a rare gift to dream, with a rare gift to connect with our brains these dreams to deliver artistic expressions unthinkable and irreplaceable. We will remember what peace is: one minuscule moment of peace we so longed in our hearts, where no technology could ever seize from us.

Our potential has barely been touched. We are just starting. Our grasp on science and an inherent restless nature is capable of worlds so extraordinary. Not just for humans, but species across the earth and the entire cosmos. What we need is balance in all aspects of our living. We must watch over our egos, which births greed and animosity. We must cease making enemies when we need friends to build something grand together. Answers to all issues of our world today is taming our minds and channeling our energies to creative endeavors rather than cheap short-lived thrills of satisfying ego. We are the children of this universe, and in there, we will return. In our brief time here, do we want to come and leave with shallow swims or dive in the sweet ocean of all what our universe has to offer? Do we want to be united in goals to create or divisive plights leading to destruction? We need to decide for ourselves whether we want to survive or truly live.

Yes, we are a restless generation with a noble cause.


Vaishali Paliwal is an aspiring writer living in Los Angeles finding solace in attempts to write
about minor earthquakes and grand hurricanes of her life. She lives in distant worlds of past poetry of D. Thomas and such and manages to land at the present times occasionally. She had her poems recently published in Eunoia Review. A manager by profession and engineer by degree yet poetry is where her heart is. She has her poetry blogs and likes to share her words with friends and community for creative sparks to keep lighting their fires. You can find some of her playful writing pieces in Instagram account violet_rhymes and you can reach her at


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