Valisa Bernardino: Art Gallery

Valisa Bernardino is a Southern California native. She holds a BS in Media Arts and Animation from The Art Institute Pittsburgh. Currently a project manager by profession, she is dedicating the remainder of 2017 and beyond to developing her artistic career.

Bernardino's art is of a lowbrow style, featuring a predominantly feminine subject. The themes range from macabre, mystical, and sexual metaphors. In a majority of her pieces, the subjects do not have eyes. This is done on purpose, as she feels that eyes are extremely expressive and retract from the overall expression of the work. She prefers to not have such a defining feature in her characters, allowing the viewer to interpret the piece with consideration to other elements. Valisa finds inspiration in various people (mostly artists and writers) and locations. However, she claims most of her pieces are self-reflective and are heavily influenced by her mood or state of mind.

Currently, Bernardino has only shared her art via social media and has been featured on various curated artists pages on Instagram. She recently has been a contributor to British art magazine, The Bread Bin and The Biscuit Tin. She also currently is working on a clothing design project, soon to be announced. By the end of 2017, she expects an online market store for prints and originals. You can view her art on Instagram @vali_saurus and she is open for commission-based projects.


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